Sustainability Digitisation, Digitalisation and Data

Sustainability Digitisation and Digitalisation refers to the processes, technologies and digital data EcoCognito can use to transform your company’s sustainability performance.

It can be challenging to know where to start with digitisation and digitalisation, so we guide you through the process and map out how best to manage and prioritise the process. Whether you’re capturing new analogue sustainability data and converting it to digital, implementing net zero, or moving your waste streams into the circular economy, we’ll apply sustainability digitisation and digitalisation to support your goals.

We work with a wide range of digital technologies and approaches that support sustainability performance – these include: Geomapping and Geospatial Tech, Digital Sensors, the Internet of Things (IOT), Smart Tech, Mobile tech, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Big Data, Blockchain, data infrastructure (acquisition, storage, processing, validation and interpretation), data algorithms and analytics, and data insights and applications.

When it comes to accessing third-party sustainability data, and research, to better understand and prioritise your company’s sustainability performance – there are major data gaps relating to environmental and sustainability impacts… where the data does exist, there are often barriers to access.

Despite these challenges, many are working to develop a new integrated digital ecosystem for the planet, and there are already a multitude of sustainability data initiatives, although these are often disparate and lacking integration.

“The digital economy is generating opportunities to fully integrate information on the current and forecast state of the Earth into all aspects of decision making, from national strategic planning, through to day-to-day actions of individual businesses” – The Group on Earth Observations, Cranberra Declaration, 2019

And EcoCognito’s experts can help your company locate and access any relevant and valuable third party sustainability data to support your ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance.

Here are a few examples of easily accessible datasets and research sources that can support better informed and more effective sustainability programmes: MapX Google Earth Engine UN Biodiversity Lab Resource Watch Future Earth Global Biodiversity Information Facility Climate Engine Global Forest Watch Global Ocean Observing System GEOSS Earth Genome Earth on AWS Satelligence AI for Earth IBM Green Horizons Google Scholar.

Our services include new technology advice, digital data consulting, digital innovation, and the live streaming of clients’ sustainability performance: the real-time and transparent reporting of your company’s sustainability performance by live-reporting sustainability metrics via a dashboard on your website. What could be more transparent and accessible than that?

So harness the power of digital and data to transform your company’s sustainability performance, monitoring and reporting – get in touch today to find out how we can help.