Science and data-driven sustainability transformation - helping clients innovate to net zero and beyond

EcoCognito delivers sustainability strategies to companies worldwide... successful strategies underpinned by robust scientific research and data, and a commitment to open science...

No doubt you’ll have noticed the ubiquitous initiatives to… plant trees, achieve ‘net zero’ carbon emissions, support the latest ‘save the planet’ dietary fad, or cut waste.

Yet many such initiatives are ill-defined and poorly structured, resting upon deficient scientific analysis and greenwashing… undermining trust and sustainability performance.

To avoid such strategic errors and risks, EcoCognito takes a truly systemic approach to sustainability and environmental transformation – instead of following the herd, we innovate to deliver uniquely creative and effective approaches – ensuring the underlying science and data is robust, and the definitions concise, from the very start.

And our expertise in applying digitisation to sustainability projects can be utilised to drive, monitor and report on the transformation initiatives we run for clients.

A lack of engagement with digitisation has held sustainability back for far too long – yet we’re sitting on the cusp of great digital and tech change, and EcoCognito can show your company how to engage with this coming shift, which will support sustainability on so many levels: from the real-time monitoring of environmental impacts through to supporting transparency and open science.

As an integrated strategic consultancy, we cover just about everything connected to sustainability and the environment – from sustainable food and drink to climate and carbon consulting – and we work with every kind of organisation, with clients including charities, banks, retailers, venues, tech startups and food processors – ranging from family owned SMEs through to major corporations.

We’ll help you achieve real sustainability success – that’s what we’re about, and that’s our promise to you…

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